Class Prices

Our classes are suitable for most healthy pregnant and post natal women. There are some instances where it may not be advised. These are; History of 3 or more consecutive miscarriages or incompetent cervix/ cervical suture in place, maternal cardiac disease, high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia, placenta that covers the cervix after 26 weeks gestation. If there is anything you aren't sure about please get in touch.

Classes run regularly throughout the year, as a flexible discounted block of 3. Updated times published regularly. Block of 3 £18, booking and payment required in advance due to ongoing studio and room hire costs. Blocks of 3 class do not have to be consecutive or the same venue.

"The classes were great to maintain fitness, have contact with other mums, for relaxation and helped maintain a healthy weight"

I continued teaching the classes through both of my pregnancies and it has definately made a difference to fitness/ stamina and post natal recovery.

Class Times/ Dates and Venues

Ante natal Poole Classes BMI Harbour Hospital, St Marys Road Poole Wednesday or Thursday 7:30-8:30pm Post Natal Littledown Centre Fridays 1:30pm Bournemouth Ante natal Classes TBA ASAP we are currently looking for new venue

No classes due to NHS shift 1st May

No class due to being away in London for an important appointment with my eldest child Wednesday 8th May or Friday 10th May

Next few weeks Ante natal classes at Harbour Hospital;-

wednesday 24th april

thursday 2nd may

thursday 16th may


thursday 23rd may

wednesday 5th june

thursday 13th june

wednesday 19th june

thursday 27th june

Next few weeks Post natal classes;-

No class due to NHS shift 3rd May

No class Wednesday 10th May due to being in London, for an important appointment with my eldest child

Friday 17th May

Friday 24th May


Friday 7th June

Friday 14th June

Friday 21st June

Friday 28th June

Next post natal class at Sunrise Senior Living Care Home, Poole Road, Westbourne

Date TBA - this class is a lovely community initiave where mums and babies can join the residents in the lounge area after class FREE tea/ coffee/ squash available. It makes the residents day to meet the babies and chat to the mums. Price £5 (integenerational mixing)

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