The Pregnancy Food Company provides healthy, organic and honest food products specifically designed for preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.Good nutrition is vitaly important throughout these times. Our organic products have been lovingly made to nourish you and your baby at each stage. Each product is packed with nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin E, Zinc, Omega fatty acids, magnesium, antioxidants and many more for you and your baby to utilise. Our breakfast range is designed to keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the morning, keep you full and energised to tackle the day. They are sugar free, dairy free, and pair perfectly with some delicious fresh fruit anf yoghurt. We've created our healthy chocolate Nourish Ball snacks for preconception and pregnancy to keep chocolate cravings at bay, combat that afternoon tiredness, and give you a nutrition hit all in one go. Our Superfood Brownie has been specifically designed for breastfeeding Mammas, packed full of delicious healthy ingredients for you and your baby. And the best bit? You'll find only natural, organic, non refined ingredients in our products.As with all nutritional advice, speak to your doctor or midwife first.